Velocity (Energy + Tea)

Velocity Energy TeaVelocity Energy Tea is brewed from black tea leaves using filtered water (no high fructose corn syrup here) and some natural flavors. VT has a deep gold color, non carbonated and mild fruit aroma that offers plenty of antioxidants!

I really enjoyed the Velocity Tea, it has a solid brewed tea flavor with a fruity overtone. The first sip may seem kinda strange but after that you really start to enjoy this fine beverage! Velocity gives you a nice little energy boost without the shakes!

VT contains a whole list of goodies: caffeine, guarana, taurine (2000mg), panax ginseng, inositol, ginkgo bilboba, grape seed, bee pollen, B vitamins, milk thistle and gotu kola.

Purchased 16 oz can at big lots for $.60 but this drink is worth $2/can!

4 thoughts on “Velocity (Energy + Tea)

  1. M. Yoder

    You’re right. This has awesome taste and energy boost. My recommendation is no more than two a day. Also, I recommend alternating days. Don’t drink this everyday, but every other day would be good. too much ginseng if you drink it everyday. You may end up with a headache. I alternate this with red bull. Red bull doesn’t have any ginseng.
    Big Lots sells both the black tea and the green tea (at least the store near me). That’s where I first bought it. The green tea is very good too. It’s really good stuff!!!

  2. Brian

    This really is an awesome drink! Does anyone know where to get this outside of Big Lots? There is none left at the Big Lots near me and I cannot find a website or anything. 🙁

  3. Enery Drink Guru Post author

    Brian, I feel your pain…. the Big Lots near me is sold out also! Good thing I bought 8 cans of VT when I saw it. I am down to my last 2 cans and need to savor the nectar!

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