Venom Mojave Rattler

Today we are sampling the low carb Venom Mojave Rattler!

First off I must say the can design and artwork are pretty sweet!  The can is all aluminum and has plastic threads on the neck for the twist off cap.  This 16.9 oz can is THICK, you could probably use it for a weapon in a bind.  The purple snake eye staring at you follows the whole reptile theme.

Once you crack open the Venom it has the very familiar energy drink aroma and gold color that we have seen 100’s of time.

First sip of VMR is nothing more than the usual slightly tart energy drink flavor but there is a definite aftertaste and you will get film on your tongue.  The aftertaste may be due to the “low carb” chemical included in this version.

VMR offer you 200mg of Ginseng and 3000mg of “energy blend” (taurine, L-Carnitine, caffeine, guarana + inositol) and vitamins B6 + B12.  VMR does not contain HFCS.

VMJ will give you a little boost but nothing special….. overall Mojave Rattler is nothing more than barley average.  The can gets 2 thumbs UP, but the drink get 1 sideways thumb.

6 thoughts on “Venom Mojave Rattler

  1. Wendy Ann Williams

    was recently on a 2 week trip in the U.S. purchased your this drink several times while vacationing, am wondering on the availability in Canada. Do you have a distributor in Canada, lets talk about it if not.

  2. diana

    I love this drink i begn drinking it a couple weeks ago . Now I feel i have found the enegy of my dreams .. The purple can use to be my favorite .. i met red and fell inlove again..

  3. andy

    I just cracked open my first can…it honestly kind of smells like snake droppings. Taste is tolerable…so far.

    I definitely want to try out the can as a weapon option.

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